TVBAnywhere North America
Product Overview

TVBAnywhere North America is a free ad-supported, over-the-top (OTT) video service that offers over 20,000 hours of Hong Kong and China contents (in original language) in both VOD and Live Channel format.  Besides the original language, it has English subtitled contents in the English Zone. Without requiring you to register or sign in, you can watch everyday 24/7 content from TVB and its partners.

General FAQs

Do I need to register or sign in to use TVBAnywhere North America on the set-top box? 
No, you don’t need to register or sign in to use TVBAnywhere North America on Rogers Ignite TV / Streaming set-top box. You can freely access all the content without registering / signing in.

Does it cost anything to use TVBAnywhere North America on the set-top box?
There are no additional charges for accessing TVBAnywhere North America video content on Ignite TV / Streaming set-top box. TVBAnywhere North America is supported by video ads that run in commercial breaks within the content.

Will streaming TVBAnywhere North America count towards my monthly Internet data usage?
Yes. TVBAnywhere North America is delivered over your Internet service to your set-top box; therefore, it will be subject to the same terms and conditions that your Internet service, including any data usage plans that may apply.

Is TVBAnywhere North America content available in High Definition (HD)?  
It varies depends on the content type, but TVBAnywhere North America offers video quality up to 1080p.  

What language(s) does TVBAnywhere North America use?
The APP interface (e.g. home page description etc.) can be set as Chinese or English.  If you want to change the language of the APP interface, you can go to the “Settings” from the Home Page, and click on “Change Language”, and then select the language you desire.  The content of the APP is in its original language i.e. Cantonese and/or Mandarin.  English subtitles are available for certain contents, you can click onto the “English Zone” on the Home Page. 

Why are there ads playing when I watch TVBAnywhere North America? Why do the same ads play more than once?
TVBAnywhere North America uses a third-party advertising platform service that chooses ads to show to viewers in real-time.  There may be times when the advertising platform service makes the same ad to run multiple times over a short period.

How do I troubleshoot technical issues?
If the TVBAnywhere North America APP is frozen:  Try exiting the restarting the APP. If the issue persists, try restarting the Rogers Ignite box. If the problem isn’t fixed, please contact us. 

If the video is buffering (i.e. pausing during the video playback):  As TVBAnywhere North America use Internet connection to deliver videos to you, which may cause video buffering any time there is a slow Internet connection. 

How do I contact TVBAnywhere North America for support? 
Contact us at if you have any other questions or need any support.